Shared Conversations: Parenting

Sunday 11 Jun 2017

This is the second of our Shared Conversations happening on Sunday evenings throughout June.

Each evening is an opportunity to share, listen and learn from one another, and is based around a certain topic.

This week the topic is parenting. There won’t be any teaching on the subject, but we will be using a discussion tool to help us hear one another on the issue.

For those of us who are parents, we have the incredible opportunity to nurture and shape children. At times this can be a joy, and at other times it can be incredibly daunting. Children don’t come with a manual! The main question we’ll be asking people to answer at this session is: What have you learned about parenting?

With each evening, we’re not just specifically inviting people who are facing the issue we’re discussing. This event is open to everyone. When we discuss this issue, we’ll be wanting input from people currently parenting and learning at the moment, and from voices of experience; people who have been through parenting and gained wisdom along the way.

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